Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thrifty Thursday

  3x Jeans for me - £1 each  Accessorise Wrap BNWT - £1  Football mug for Xmas gift - 20p  Toy for DD - 25p

So here is my usual charity shop haul. I do love having a mooch round on a Thursday, and this week I also had my hubby keeping me company with an odd afternoon off. He won a bet yesterday so we had £10 extra pennies to enjoy. We blew £5 straight away with a nice lunch in MacDonald's using some vouchers a gave us. We all had a burger and fries each (not Baby D lol) for just under a fiver.
We also made a trip to the Free Book shop and snaffled these.
Fun to Learn - Perfect for some home school with DD
First Knits - Gorgeous knitting patterns for newborns-three year old.
Practical Craft Projects - A huuuugggeee heavy book with some lovely ideas for gifts.
The Sugar Plum Christmas Book - Full of poems, activities, crafts, storys and pictures. I will hide till the 1st and we will work through a little bit each day.

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