Wednesday 26 January 2011

Film review

I had never heard the story of Chris McCandless or Alexander Supertramp until a few days ago. I was watching a DVD one raining afternoon stuck indoors and began flicking through the trailers to kill time when I came across a trailer for the film above. Something about the trailer enticed me so I began googling In to the Wild and came across his story.
Chris McCandless was man who travelled across many parts of America with no money and very little equipment. His ultimate goal was to live in Alaska for a period of complete solitude and self reliance. A goal which led to tragic death by starvation (though some say poisoning).
My first initial reaction was to think him a very silly person indeed, who on earth would let themselves get into such a situation. But after reading more about him and his beliefs and seeing the film I have changed that opinion. The world we live in today is overly complicated. We have less free time now than we did 50 years ago, even with all these 'wonderful' inventions that will save us time and change our lives. More people than ever are suffering from mental health problems, there is more crime, more hate. Chris rose above all this. He returned to a more simple natural life that some can only dream of, and I for one find myself in awe of him.

Friday 14 January 2011

Bargin shopping

Look at that sea of yellow stickers! Doesn't make your heart sing. or maybe that's just me lol.
This little pile of beauties originally cost £16.78p Scary! Here's the contents;

3 Bulbs of fennel - 5p (Always wanted to try fennel and at this price if we all hate it I'm not to worried)
Organic milk - 13p (planning to make some cottage cheese)
Pineapple chunks - 6p (Perfect for trying Fishfinger on)
Organic Plums (4)- 10p (Originally £1.99!!!!! and they aren't even ripe yet)
Broccoli - 4p
Organic Cauliflower - 9p (Originally £1.80!)
2 Packs of Potatoes - 9p each (5kg for 18p)
Mixed Salad - 8p - (Will be added to my 3p french dressing pack for tomos lunch nom nom)
French Dressing - 3p (A little treat to go in my salad)
2 Packs of 12 crumpets - 40p (Breakfast for the next few days!)
Sushi - 38p (Again something I've always wanted to try)

We picked up a few other bits as well, but you don't want to see my baby's pack of nappies or OH's Shreddies do you? I'm off now to nab a cottage cheese recipe and find out how to prepare fennel.

x x x

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Chocolate Heaven

Today I happened to pop into Waitrose and discovered that they were reducing their Christmas chocolate to silly amounts, Being one never to pass up an opportunity to treat myself to some bargain chocolates I filled my boots lol.
As you can see I went a little mad. Everything in that photo is worth £61.29p!!! Those two chocolate baubles alone are £6.50 each! Extortionate prices!!!
My bargain hunting actual total???........... £11.88p a huge saving of £49.41p.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Dates and Flowers

One of our New Years Resolutions this year is to date at least once a fortnight. So starting as we meen to go on, today was the day. We arranged for my parents to look after Anya for a few hours and we sneaked off for a lovely meal at a local pub. Those few hours were really blissful and peaceful. We had whole conversations without a little persons interruptions. We even held hands over the table.
On the way home we popped into Mr.T's to see what they were reducing and OH treated me to a pretty bunch of flowers. Aren't they lovely???
I decided to use a few of the dark glass bottles we had laying about after Christmas to
make a nice arrangement on my windowsill. Simple but effective.

x x x

Saturday 1 January 2011

Daily Bible Readings.

One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to become a better Christian. As I am pretty new to the whole idea of Christianity I have a lot to learn. So to help me on my journey I intend to read my bible everyday. After a little bit of searching on the net I came across this site;
Which takes away all the hassle of choosing what to read throughout the year.

And we all like a little less hassle don't we.
x x x