Thursday 30 March 2023

Easter half term begins


 Hello Strangers.

It's been such a long time since I last found a moment to blog. It had crossed my mind a few times lately to come back here and try to get back into the habit of Blogging our little adventures.

This morning someone contacted me via Facebook asking how we all were and saying they missed my blog posts. It's sprung me into action. 

Today has been reasonably uneventful. That's a great start to blogging isn't it 🤣.  The children all attended their last day of school except for DD1 who has a half day tomorrow. 

I spent the day mostly reading, drinking tea and relaxing whilst knowing it was the most peace I was going to get for about 2 weeks 🤣 Even DD4 picked up on the days chill out vibe and snuggled on my lap for a delicious afternoon nap. At almost 3 years old, Miss C almost never has a cuddly nap anymore, she much prefers to just nod off where ever she happens to be at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed even warm snuffly minute of it 🥰

Tomorrow we will begin our Easter adventures.