Sunday 23 October 2016

Monster day - Halloween Half Term.

Monster day was a great success.
We had an extra guest for most of the day which added to our fun.
We made play dough monsters using straws, beads and googly eyes etc.

We decorated a box to look like a monster and then fed him tennis balls for dinner.
The sensory box had plastic bats added to play with.

We also watched Monsters Inc, made some monster flags for our display and tried walking on monster feet.
Such great fun.


Friday 21 October 2016

Bat Day - Halloween Half Term

Today was a lot of fun! We've made several bat decorations and more importantly plenty of memories.
The girls loved the bat biscuit making, G enjoyed the ingredients lol.

Our dinner of Bat pasta went down really well.

I'm hoping Monster Day goes just as well. I'm just off to set it up before I go to bed.


Thursday 20 October 2016

Celebrating Half Term.

Hurrah! It's finally here!
We celebrated the final day of school by visiting McDonalds. We even brought a friend along to celebrate with us. 

It certainly raised some happy smiles.


Tuesday 18 October 2016

Freegle Jigsaws

I spotted a post on my local Freegle group yesterday that looked interesting. It was a chap offering jigsaws/games suitable for children aged 2+.
I popped him an email saying I'd be interested in rehoming them. Hubby kindly picked them up this morning after the school run.

I was expecting a pile of 3-4, perhaps half a dozen in a carrier bag if I was very lucky.
What hubby actually returned home with was 2 huge 
cardboard boxes stuffed with puzzles and card games. There's about 15 all together!

It took a while to check them all but every single puzzle and game is complete. 
DD2 who is off school with a tummy bug today, really enjoyed the magnet board and shapes.

She also loved all the chunky floor puzzles that had arrived.  Several of them have been pulled out and made over the course of the afternoon.

I'm really blown away by the genorosity of my fellow Freeglers. It's inspired me to pay it forward by offering several things myself.
Hurrah for kindness!


Monday 17 October 2016

Prepping for Half Term

I've spent a happy evening pouring over my collection of ideas for Halloween and planning the half term.
Each day has a different theme and is packed with tons of crafty, fun and frugal things to do. We even have some day trips and special visits planned.
I really can't wait!

Day 1 is Bat day.  
I have a healthy looking pile of dark coloured papers and card, lots of ideas for papercrafts, a super cute idea for biscuits, egg box painting and a plan for a sensory bin.
I've whipped up three mini bat pinata from bits and pieces in my craft stash. The idea being you burst through the tissue paper base to reveal the sweeties inside. They will make a lovely afternoon treat once we've worked through our list of things to create.

X X X 

Thursday 13 October 2016

More Narnia fun.

Apologies for a lack of posts. We have all been hit with coughs and colds. Things have moved at a snails pace for a whole. 
Our reading hasn't stopped though. We are about to discover the wood between world's. Which means we have discovered the magic rings (wool wrapped split rings).
The girls enjoyed "vanishing" when they touched the yellow ring and reappearing when they touched the green.

We also discovered the story of Mrs Lefay's special box of magical dust. 
When I spotted a little mirrored pill box in a charity shop I knew it would be the perfect prop! I filled it with a pinch of sequins so it made a nice sound when shaken. It should also look impressive if little eyes peek inside at the magical dust. 
Well worth the 20p price tag. 

You will be pleased to know I have also found an Aslan,  a bell and some English toffee for later chapters. 
Bringing books to life is just so much fun.


Thursday 6 October 2016

The Magician's Nephew - Polly's secret space

"...Here she (Polly) kept a cash-box containing various treasures, and a story she was writing and usually a few apples. She had often drunk a quiet bottle of ginger-beer in there: the old bottles made it look more like a smugglers' cave."

The Magician's Nephew - C.S.Lewis

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Learning times tables

DD1 needs to learn her 2,5 and 10x tables this year.
Maths is a bit of a struggle for me to be honest but I'm determined to help all the Random children learn it well.
I saw the idea of stair handprints on Pinterest and just had to use it.
Every time someone walks up the stairs, they high five each handprint and say the number. (Currently 2,4,6...20)
Everytime someone walks down the stairs we do the same thing. So not only does DD1 learn it forwards but also backwards!
Tonight I even heard Hubby saying it as he popped upstairs to get fetch something! 

I'm very pleased with clever hubby today already.  He arrived home from work with this lovely set of books tucked under his arm. Just £2.50 in the local charity shop and not one spine has been cracked!
Each book looks immaculate! DD1 couldn't wait and we dived straight in after dinner.
Already I'm getting requests to go into the attic and search for a tunnel. DD1 is also requesting we try ginger beer after Polly mentions it.
These books are going to be so much fun to share with her.