Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Learning times tables

DD1 needs to learn her 2,5 and 10x tables this year.
Maths is a bit of a struggle for me to be honest but I'm determined to help all the Random children learn it well.
I saw the idea of stair handprints on Pinterest and just had to use it.
Every time someone walks up the stairs, they high five each handprint and say the number. (Currently 2,4,6...20)
Everytime someone walks down the stairs we do the same thing. So not only does DD1 learn it forwards but also backwards!
Tonight I even heard Hubby saying it as he popped upstairs to get fetch something! 

I'm very pleased with clever hubby today already.  He arrived home from work with this lovely set of books tucked under his arm. Just £2.50 in the local charity shop and not one spine has been cracked!
Each book looks immaculate! DD1 couldn't wait and we dived straight in after dinner.
Already I'm getting requests to go into the attic and search for a tunnel. DD1 is also requesting we try ginger beer after Polly mentions it.
These books are going to be so much fun to share with her.



  1. What a great find! I have the exact same set of Narnia books. Love them to death - I have read them aloud to four children so far. You've reminded me I need to make some ginger beer. Love that too.

  2. The handprints are a nice idea - and good for going backwards as well, which a lot of children find harder than forwards. Worth noting - not sure what it's like in your school, but where I work, we do our tables up to 12x, not 10x, so you might need to include 22 and 24 in your stairway!

  3. I loved reading the narnia series wit my dad as a child, and then later with my kids. Can't wait to do it when baby Rosie is older. Hand maths is fab. Your family are blessed to have such a caring Mum. X


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