Thursday, 13 October 2016

More Narnia fun.

Apologies for a lack of posts. We have all been hit with coughs and colds. Things have moved at a snails pace for a whole. 
Our reading hasn't stopped though. We are about to discover the wood between world's. Which means we have discovered the magic rings (wool wrapped split rings).
The girls enjoyed "vanishing" when they touched the yellow ring and reappearing when they touched the green.

We also discovered the story of Mrs Lefay's special box of magical dust. 
When I spotted a little mirrored pill box in a charity shop I knew it would be the perfect prop! I filled it with a pinch of sequins so it made a nice sound when shaken. It should also look impressive if little eyes peek inside at the magical dust. 
Well worth the 20p price tag. 

You will be pleased to know I have also found an Aslan,  a bell and some English toffee for later chapters. 
Bringing books to life is just so much fun.



  1. How wonderful to be introducing your girls to Narnia. I'd forgotten about Polly's hidy-hole up in the attics.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Hope everyone is feeling lots better soon. woo xx


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