Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Freegle Jigsaws

I spotted a post on my local Freegle group yesterday that looked interesting. It was a chap offering jigsaws/games suitable for children aged 2+.
I popped him an email saying I'd be interested in rehoming them. Hubby kindly picked them up this morning after the school run.

I was expecting a pile of 3-4, perhaps half a dozen in a carrier bag if I was very lucky.
What hubby actually returned home with was 2 huge 
cardboard boxes stuffed with puzzles and card games. There's about 15 all together!

It took a while to check them all but every single puzzle and game is complete. 
DD2 who is off school with a tummy bug today, really enjoyed the magnet board and shapes.

She also loved all the chunky floor puzzles that had arrived.  Several of them have been pulled out and made over the course of the afternoon.

I'm really blown away by the genorosity of my fellow Freeglers. It's inspired me to pay it forward by offering several things myself.
Hurrah for kindness!


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  1. You were so kind to me when you gave me several items and sent them to me in Australia. It's so nice seeing you on the receiving end .


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