Wednesday 30 September 2020



 Miss C is getting a bit to wriggly for her moses basket these days so thanks to The Treasured Trash Network and DH, she now has a cosy new coat to slumber in 🥰 

 I'm also switching her 0-3 clothes out for 3-6 clothes. Oh why do they have to grow so fast?

 #3monthsold #gettingbiggereveryday #gorgeousbabies

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Quietly being poorly


I've woken up full of cough and cold today. All of the children were suffering from it over the weekend and now they've kindly passed it onto me! 
After the school run I popped to our local shop for supplies. Tissues, cold and flu tablets, fisherman's friends and throat lozanges went into the basket followed by some chocolate and some ice cream.
If that doesn't make me feel better nothing will.

This morning has been spent doing quiet sitting down jobs.
I've finished making orange crochet covers for the seven oranges.
They will be transforming into pumpkins for Halloween.

I've also cut up an old faded valance for cleaning cloths, though i have already used one as a hankerchief for some olbus oil. 
The flouncy skirty bit made flannel size clothes and the main sheet was turned into tea towel sized clothes for mopping up spills.

X x X

Friday 11 September 2020



Sometimes I'm that organised mum people get jealous of, kids at school on time everyday, remember non-uniform days and donation days and the reading cafe days etc. And sometimes I cut out spiders with 7 legs!!!


X x X

Monday 7 September 2020

Back to school

The three eldest headed back to school today. 
I'm still not sure how I feel about it, I miss them terribly but I've also enjoyed an uninterrupted cup of tea and deep cleaned a bathroom. 
What is it they say about clouds and silver linings? 

Everyone was sent off to school with a nice breakfast of waffles and we dressed the table up with some partyware to make it feel a little bit special.

Good luck my babies.

X x X


Sunday 6 September 2020

New project

 I picked up this interesting wooden box from a fellow Treasured Trash networker recently. I think it might have held a set of cutlery at one point but I'm not sure.

The interior of the box was covered in several layers of paper and a layer of that green plush velvety stuff. 

As I peeled all the paper off I discovered what looked like pages from an annual society show booklet from 1948. There was also what looked like brown parcel paper and a layer of dark coloured paper with alligator scales embossed on it.
It took almost an entire evening to peel and pick it all off back to the wood.

 Finally I was able to line it with some of my lovely floral sticky back plastic. 
 It took a while to measure and cut each section but I got there in the end.
 Now I need to decide what to turn it into. I'm thinking some sort of art supplies box or perhaps a writing box.
 Ohhh the possibilities!

 X x X

Friday 4 September 2020

Test post.

If you reading this would you kindly leave a comment if the photograph I've atrached has worked