Friday 28 February 2014

Have a seat

 Ahhh the humble toilet seat. One of the first things we always replace in our new home! I have a big thing about sharing the toilet seat of the previous tenants so they are usually swapped over within hours of getting into a new home. Normally we use the cheapest of cheap to keep us going with the intentions of upgrading them later, but to honest we've never quite got round to it.

That was until yesterday when I spotted this beauty in the Wilko DIY clearance. Reduced from £15.00 to £7.50 I was hooked and knew it would be perfect in our little downstairs toilet. But alas there were none left in stock. Mentioning it to hubby he looked online for me to see if we could order one through their  website but they were full price online and £15 was a little to much to pay for a toilet seat.
 So clever thinking hubby popped back into the store and asked if anymore were being delivered. The lady in the shop said that they were being discontinued in that particular store and all they had left was the display seat attached to top of the shelf. Then she said if we still wanted it she would reduce it to just £5 as it was ex display stock and threw in a bag of fittings for free! So for the sake of asking a question we now have a beautiful £15 toilet seat in our downstairs loo for a paltry £5. Definitely an improvement on our cheap white plastic number.
 Sometimes it really does pay to ask a question eh?

x x x

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Where is my time going?

 Sorry I haven't been blogging often. I really need to get back into the habit of doing it daily until it becomes a habit again. It's one of those things that just seem to be put aside for that "later" which we all know never comes.
 So what have I been doing?
I've been making a blanket for the playroom from my scrap wool...

Re-homing this huge Physalis plant from a kind soul on Freegle.....

Watching Baby D discover the joy of forward rolls....

Keeping out the way of DD's important landscaping work in the new garden. Which she is utterly in love with by the way.

So what do you think? Are they good enough reasons not to blog?

x x


Thursday 20 February 2014

New life in the New house

 Ta dah! Three little tomato shoots have finally appeared in my tomato kit. It's taken them an age to get started but I think that lovely burst of sunshine we had here on Sunday convinced them finally to get a move on.
 I'd given up on their success to be honest, hence a clove of garlic had been pushed in with them to start growing. The garlic is also growing nicely with lots of healthy white roots sprouting.
 I'm not going to get far on a three tomato plants and a single garlic plant, but it's a start! Tomorrow I will see how my potato's are getting on, and start a handful of radish seeds that came free with a catalouge I ordered.

 On Valentine's Day I took part in an Upcycled bag making course in the local library run by the lovely Lorna Jones. My thoughtful hubby had brought me a ticket as part of my Christmas present. When my mum heard about the course she wanted to join me so we brought her a ticket for Christmas as well.
 Above is my bag creation. I had great fun picking through the suitcases of fabric to find something that caught my interest.

As well as the making the basic bag and lining, we were also shown how make outside and inside pockets. Having barely sewn on a machine before I found the whole course fascinating and am now hungering even more for my own machine to play with.

I'm looking forward to using my new bag......just as soon as I can get DD to give it back!

x x x

Friday 7 February 2014

DD's Room

 I managed to get a few photos of DD's room this morning before I ran out of the door. DD's room is the first we are planning to decorate, I've always wanted to give her a nice room to enjoy and it's wonderful that now I can!

DD has requested a Princess room. I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest for a while in preparation so I have a fair few good ideas to try in here. Job one is removing the paper boarder, and job two will be painting the walls.

 I'm planning to have the walls a candy floss shade of pink as its such a light room I want to keep that. The window sill, radiator, doors and woodwork will be a hot pink. Then I can add in a princess theme with curtains and accessories etc. I know how quickly DD can change her obsessions so if in a month time she likes Hello Kitty it would be easy to "redecorate" the room in her new craze.
 The carpets are pretty new so I don't to change them but I am going to look out for a nice rug idea.

 Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and see what I've already pinned as ideas, and feel free to add your own :)

x x x

Thursday 6 February 2014

Slow and steady wins the race

We're settling into our new pad quite happily at the moment.  A few small hiccups here and there as the tenants before us don't seem to have much consideration for others. But I won't winge because I'm to happy!!!
  All the dull day to day essentials are in place and we are well on track to being completely moved by Sunday evening. 
  My step towards self sufficiency today has been starting some tomato seeds. I picked up a kit in Wilkos on my way past this morning for 75p.
I will now be watching them like a hawk for signs of sprouting.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

New Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we finally received the keys for our luxury new house.  I'm so happy our troubles are finally over and we can just get on with moving and bonding with our new roof and walls.
 One of the first things that moved in , once we checked it all over of course, was my chilli plants and aloe vera. My friend jokingly calls it "marking my territory" which to be honest is exactly what it feels like.

DD is really impressed with her new room, and we hoping to spend our first night there tomorrow. Then it will start to feel real I think.
 There are a few little jobs that need doing. Getting the Internet set up, new accounts for electric and gas sorted out. The house is currently on a key meter but we've been told the landlord is happy for us to change over thank goodness.
  Tomorrow I will working in OH's shop with Baby D for the day, while OH and various burly men types start shifting things over. I will try and post up a few snaps of the various rooms and gardens(!) as soon as I am there in daylight. At the moment I've only ever seen the house in the dark lol.

 And for my first act of frugalling in the new pad I give you gloves on a string. DD has already lost one pair of gloves at preschool so this pair have been stitched to each end of a strand of wool and threaded through her sleeves. I know it's an old fashioned thing to do but a good idea is a good idea.