Friday 28 February 2014

Have a seat

 Ahhh the humble toilet seat. One of the first things we always replace in our new home! I have a big thing about sharing the toilet seat of the previous tenants so they are usually swapped over within hours of getting into a new home. Normally we use the cheapest of cheap to keep us going with the intentions of upgrading them later, but to honest we've never quite got round to it.

That was until yesterday when I spotted this beauty in the Wilko DIY clearance. Reduced from £15.00 to £7.50 I was hooked and knew it would be perfect in our little downstairs toilet. But alas there were none left in stock. Mentioning it to hubby he looked online for me to see if we could order one through their  website but they were full price online and £15 was a little to much to pay for a toilet seat.
 So clever thinking hubby popped back into the store and asked if anymore were being delivered. The lady in the shop said that they were being discontinued in that particular store and all they had left was the display seat attached to top of the shelf. Then she said if we still wanted it she would reduce it to just £5 as it was ex display stock and threw in a bag of fittings for free! So for the sake of asking a question we now have a beautiful £15 toilet seat in our downstairs loo for a paltry £5. Definitely an improvement on our cheap white plastic number.
 Sometimes it really does pay to ask a question eh?

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  1. What a great deal. I have a wooden loo seat as I have a disgestive disorder - wood isn't chilly to sit on in the middle of a winter night!

    So pleased to read of everything going so well in your new home.
    Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  2. Good price!! Here it was difficult to find a decent loo seat for under 40€ when we were looking!


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