Friday 7 February 2014

DD's Room

 I managed to get a few photos of DD's room this morning before I ran out of the door. DD's room is the first we are planning to decorate, I've always wanted to give her a nice room to enjoy and it's wonderful that now I can!

DD has requested a Princess room. I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest for a while in preparation so I have a fair few good ideas to try in here. Job one is removing the paper boarder, and job two will be painting the walls.

 I'm planning to have the walls a candy floss shade of pink as its such a light room I want to keep that. The window sill, radiator, doors and woodwork will be a hot pink. Then I can add in a princess theme with curtains and accessories etc. I know how quickly DD can change her obsessions so if in a month time she likes Hello Kitty it would be easy to "redecorate" the room in her new craze.
 The carpets are pretty new so I don't to change them but I am going to look out for a nice rug idea.

 Feel free to follow me on Pinterest and see what I've already pinned as ideas, and feel free to add your own :)

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  1. Congrats on the new house, looks like your DD has a lovely big room there!


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