Monday 13 January 2014

Master of Disaster

 Hello Folks

 Sorry I've not been posting to much since Christmas. It was my New Years Resolution to post every day on here but life just isn't being very kind at the moment. Here's the tale....

 Our dream cottage that we were supposed to move into on the 23rd has gone. GONE!
The man letting it out phoned the letting agents on Friday, 14 days before we were due to move, and said he had taken it off the market. So even though we had paid for checks and deposits, even though we had signed and blah blah blah, he has cancelled everything. Because the contract hadn't yet started he could legally do this we are informed. Stupid housing law.
 So .... that means we have two weeks to find a new place to live. 14 days to find somewhere suitable, affordable and avalible. We are very lucky in the fact that we can have an additional three weeks in our current flat as it isn't being relet its being sold. So we have 5 weeks to find something/anything before we are on the street. A little bit of relief there I can tell you!
 We have so far seen two places one was unsuitable the second is being held for us. We have one more viewing tonight that sounds really exciting. Once we have seen it we will decide which one to take and this whole sorry mess will hopefully be over and back to the usual stress of  moving house.

 Please keep us in your prayers and cross your fingers for good measure. What a start to the year!
Hopefully soon I will be gushing about our new pad and showing you all the pictures.

x x x

Sunday 5 January 2014

We've seen to the sea.

 After being stuck indoors since Christmas we are all going bananas!So this afternoon, after one tantrum to many, we drove down to the sea front. I've been desperate to visit the beach for a few days, all these storms are fantastic for beach combing.
 While I took a little walk along the front OH took the girls in the amusement arcade to entertain them and keep them warm. It was definitely to chilly for little people on the shore today.

 Of course once I returned from my adventures I couldn't help having a little bit of a try myself. Alas it was not my day for winning, and scooped not a single prize!

Baby D loved running around pushing all the flashing buttons she could reach. She must have covered a fair few miles running up and down the arcade, so I'm expecting a peaceful nights sleep.

And here are most of the winnings from our trip. There were a few more sweeties than that but I was beaten to them by the tiny ones. There is definitely a patriotic theme going on in the arcade today I think.

x x x

Friday 3 January 2014

And so it begins....

 The first bboxis packed ready for moving day to arrive. Its some of our gifts from Christmas that we've put asside for the new house. Things like toiletry sets and the new bedsets for the girls. A pack of nice biscuits has sneaked in to ready for a treat after moving.

I can't wait to wake each morning and see my beautiful new neighbour.

X x x

Thursday 2 January 2014

New Year, New coat

 What do you think of my dapper new coat folks? It was a gift from my mum who found it for a bargain price in a charity shop and remembered I was looking out for a "new" one. It looks practically brand new, and when we looked up the label (Rocha John Rocha!) we were rather shocked at how much some of his coats cost. £100 or more.
 So I am feeling very very grateful to my lovely mum for spotting it for me.

We are also starting the year with a good ole scary movie. We've borrowed this from the shop overnight for some free entertainment. The plan is to make some popcorn once the kids are in bed and give ourselves a bit of a scare. I will report back tomorrow if it's any good or not.
 What was the last scary film you watched? Let me know in the comments :)

x x x