Monday 13 January 2014

Master of Disaster

 Hello Folks

 Sorry I've not been posting to much since Christmas. It was my New Years Resolution to post every day on here but life just isn't being very kind at the moment. Here's the tale....

 Our dream cottage that we were supposed to move into on the 23rd has gone. GONE!
The man letting it out phoned the letting agents on Friday, 14 days before we were due to move, and said he had taken it off the market. So even though we had paid for checks and deposits, even though we had signed and blah blah blah, he has cancelled everything. Because the contract hadn't yet started he could legally do this we are informed. Stupid housing law.
 So .... that means we have two weeks to find a new place to live. 14 days to find somewhere suitable, affordable and avalible. We are very lucky in the fact that we can have an additional three weeks in our current flat as it isn't being relet its being sold. So we have 5 weeks to find something/anything before we are on the street. A little bit of relief there I can tell you!
 We have so far seen two places one was unsuitable the second is being held for us. We have one more viewing tonight that sounds really exciting. Once we have seen it we will decide which one to take and this whole sorry mess will hopefully be over and back to the usual stress of  moving house.

 Please keep us in your prayers and cross your fingers for good measure. What a start to the year!
Hopefully soon I will be gushing about our new pad and showing you all the pictures.

x x x


  1. Praying for you - this is so frustrating. When we got Cornerstones, we had previously made an offer on another 'dream house' and it fell through [not as far down the line as you, admittedly] but take heart - what we ended up with is infinitely better.
    Love and hugs xx

  2. I will keep everything crossed for you

  3. Wow, how terrible. I hope you find a warm cozy safe home soon.

  4. What a pain! I hope that something even better turns up for you. I guess the silver lining is that had you got the house you wanted, it looks you might not have had the most considerate landlord....

  5. that truly is a pain in the butt, I hope you have found somewhere else by now? Please update us if you get a moment?


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