Sunday 5 January 2014

We've seen to the sea.

 After being stuck indoors since Christmas we are all going bananas!So this afternoon, after one tantrum to many, we drove down to the sea front. I've been desperate to visit the beach for a few days, all these storms are fantastic for beach combing.
 While I took a little walk along the front OH took the girls in the amusement arcade to entertain them and keep them warm. It was definitely to chilly for little people on the shore today.

 Of course once I returned from my adventures I couldn't help having a little bit of a try myself. Alas it was not my day for winning, and scooped not a single prize!

Baby D loved running around pushing all the flashing buttons she could reach. She must have covered a fair few miles running up and down the arcade, so I'm expecting a peaceful nights sleep.

And here are most of the winnings from our trip. There were a few more sweeties than that but I was beaten to them by the tiny ones. There is definitely a patriotic theme going on in the arcade today I think.

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