Thursday 10 March 2016

Oh for Pete's sake!

We just can't catch a break! Now its a tummy bug!
Tuesday night Gman had an upset tummy overnight, Wednesday it was me and DD2 being ill, last night
I was woken up by DD1 being ill and finally this morning the Hubby was taken out!

To be fair it seems to be a short lived one. Today G and I are back on our feet, I just have some painful stomach cramps but they bugger off after a minute or so if I stop what I'm doing.
DD2 is tired but enjoying some colouring in pages.
DD1 is sleeping through it, Hubby is playing video games and watching them all while I get on with things.

 But I can't help thinking what next?

X x x

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Overwhelmed and off to bed....

Hello everyone. My usual apologies for complete lack of anything on the blog.  Life is being a bit of a b**** at the moment. 
It's no one thing in particular really, more a sucess ion of one things.
A preschool and primary school (completely unconnected btw) only holding spring shows at almost exactly the same time on the same days.
Hubbys work loosing some staff suddenly meaning extra hours at work.
Our bed finally giving up the ghost and breaking in a splinter heap.
You get the jist.

 So I have spent most of my time rearranging tickets, organising school and preschool runs and bed shopping. And of course then sitting down finally with a cuppa for five minutes thinking 'where did my day go?' And realising I've not washed one item of laundry in 2 days and underpants are running low. 

I just never seem to catch up but I will persevere.  
Please don't forget me