Thursday, 10 March 2016

Oh for Pete's sake!

We just can't catch a break! Now its a tummy bug!
Tuesday night Gman had an upset tummy overnight, Wednesday it was me and DD2 being ill, last night
I was woken up by DD1 being ill and finally this morning the Hubby was taken out!

To be fair it seems to be a short lived one. Today G and I are back on our feet, I just have some painful stomach cramps but they bugger off after a minute or so if I stop what I'm doing.
DD2 is tired but enjoying some colouring in pages.
DD1 is sleeping through it, Hubby is playing video games and watching them all while I get on with things.

 But I can't help thinking what next?

X x x


  1. O its no fun is it..spreads like wildfire..its awful to watch them go down with it one after the other..hope you all get back on your feet soon.

  2. I hope that tummy bug has left your home so you are all enjoying the Easter break


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