Sunday 20 February 2022

Half term day 2


A quiet day for us. I took a little walk over to B&Q with DD1 but found no bargains and we left empty handed. Home Bargains however had some pretty bedding plants so I treated myself to a packet of 6. 

The weather forecast is still pretty poor for the next few days so I focused on a small corner of the garden rather than waste time doing things that would need doing again. Storm Eunice gifted me a very shabby chic looking wicker garden so I filled it with random sized pots. I used the six plants from Home Bargains and a few random daffodils that had popped up from nowhere by the compost bin.

I think they look quite cheerful all together. Sadly we're now under another weather warning for Storm Franklin so I've brought them indoors for night. Soon though I will be able to sit in my little garden with mugs of tea and good books enjoying spring sunshine.

I can't wait.

X x X

Saturday 19 February 2022

Half term Day 1

I'm not counting yesterday as the start of half term. We spent the entire day as most of the country did wearing pajamas, eating storm snacks and watching all sorts of things fly past the windows. I was so pleased to see the children's schools had closed for safety, not that I planned to send them in. Until they reach double digits  my children are usually the smallest in their year groups and no match for windy weather.

Saturday is a Library day. They put on construction club which is basically an enormous pile of Lego on a set of tables for everyone to enjoy and craft club which has a range of colouring and simple free crafts to try.
This week we made penguin windsocks which came out beautifully. I've taken a photo of the instruction sheet so we can do these again at home. 

While #1, #4 and #5 were happiest crafting. #2 and #3 were happiest building so everyone was happily occupied for a good 45 minutes. 
After the library we visited H&M and The Entertainer with some of the children's Christmas vouchers. We then picked up some pizzas and milk in iceland before heading home again. 
The weather turned quite bad again in the afternoon so I'm glad we came home when we did.  

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a nicer day so I can begin to tackle what's left of our garden. I lay the washing pole, furniture and slide down to try and keep it safe but it's still all slid around the garden a fair bit. The bit chunks of plastic was a Wendy house, I'm not sure if it's salvageable 😔 but I'm grateful this is the worst we suffered. I've seen some terrible scenes on social media that people now need to sort out. 

 I'm hoping to take a little walk to B&Q and see if I can get some compost and cheap plants. Once the rubbish is cleared away and few colourful flowers are potted up it'll soon look much better 😀 

 X x X

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Tuesday adventures

We had a lovely session at our usual Tuesday morning playgroup. We were very lucky to just miss the rain as we went in but we certainly didn't miss it coming back out. I am definitely not looking forward to this afternoons school run in it again either 😫 

After playgroup we tool a quick visit to the library for the end of their stay and play session. I was hopeful the rain would pass while we were in there but sadly it wasn't to be. 

On the way home we passed TK Max who had a little stall outside selling colouring packs for Red Nose Day. Each pack was 50p and contained a set of pens, 5 colouring sheets and a little chocolate bar. I couldn't resist treating DD4 to a pack.

I also spotted some 2022 diaries and wall planners in the card shop clearance section. At just 10p each I quickly snaffled a few. The diaries make wonderful little notebooks for DD3 who couldn't care less which date she's scribbling over. I will stash the wall planners for the elder girls birthdays as they aren't actually dated and just have the days of the week on each page. 

I'm off now to swim up to the school. Wish me luck 🤣

X x X


Monday 14 February 2022

Valentines Day 2022


This Valentine's Day we are celebrating in our usual frugal style. 

I picked up some cheese pizzas from Iceland for £1 each and added some pepperoni (£1 @ iceland). With a few scissor snips and some artful arranging you can make a cheerful Valentine's meal for pennies. Over all I spent £4 (3x pizza, 1x pepperoni) but remember I am feeding 7 people 🤣

I also popped into the Food pantry for my usual Monday food shop. I've found going a little later at 10am rather than when they open at 9.30am seems to yield better results as fresh stock has time to go out.

 Miss C was also gifted a book and a cuddly toy which seems to be a regular thing now. You can never have to many children's book so I am quite pleased about that 😊.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day 💕