Sunday 20 February 2022

Half term day 2


A quiet day for us. I took a little walk over to B&Q with DD1 but found no bargains and we left empty handed. Home Bargains however had some pretty bedding plants so I treated myself to a packet of 6. 

The weather forecast is still pretty poor for the next few days so I focused on a small corner of the garden rather than waste time doing things that would need doing again. Storm Eunice gifted me a very shabby chic looking wicker garden so I filled it with random sized pots. I used the six plants from Home Bargains and a few random daffodils that had popped up from nowhere by the compost bin.

I think they look quite cheerful all together. Sadly we're now under another weather warning for Storm Franklin so I've brought them indoors for night. Soon though I will be able to sit in my little garden with mugs of tea and good books enjoying spring sunshine.

I can't wait.

X x X

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