Wednesday 18 September 2019

Cheap dates

 DH suprised me today with a romantic picnic for 2 at the zoo. We still had Baby W with us but she very kindly decided to sleep soundly in her buggy for most of our visit.
We spend a long time watching the antics of the binturong. It's the first time I've even seen one and they are wonderful creatures.

  • We took a little picnic and plenty of drinks with us from home. The weather was beautiful so we ate outside watching the otters playing from our picnic bench.

It was a quiet day with only a few small school groups visiting. We avoided the more popular animals like the tigers and giraffes. It meant that we had almost a private audience with the animals we were watching.
We walked around almost the entire park and returned home just in time for a quick cuppa before the school run.

X x X

Thursday 12 September 2019

Busy Thursday

It was G man's first day at school, I can't believe it's come round quite so quick! 
Clever hubby had arranged to work an evening shift so he could spend the morning ddistracting me.

First we visited Poundland, one if my favourite shops to visit. I picked up these poo dig kits to pop in the childrens Christmas stockings. I think they are hilarious and they should keep everyone amused for a little while over the festive period.

After Poundland and a nice breakfast in Weatherspoons, we took a stroll around the little midweek car boot sale. 
There wasn't a lot to interest me but may be I wasn't really in the right mood for it. One at at stall had a little box of vintage books that I enjoyed looking through.
For 50p I purchased this wonderful copy of Leaves of Gold from 1948.

Its a book filled with quotes, poems, prayers and scripture on different topics. Topics include bereavement, forgiveness, encouragement etc. I'm really going to enjoy pouring over the contents for a while. 
I'm already tempted to write out some of the quotes for a small set of frames I picked up recently. 

X x X

Monday 9 September 2019

Miserable monday

It's been dark and drizzly outside today. It almost feels as if the sun decided to take the day off. I kept myself amused by working on my current mural. I'm feeling quite happy with it. 

I also recieved a mysterious bag 'stuff. I'm rapidly gaining a reputation of being able to use almost anything in a new a wonderful way.
This bag arrived with the challenge of 
"Let's see what you can make of this lot then"

It was a bag full of pieces of old china. Mostly little milk jugs and sugar bowls in matching pairs. Though there was some very pretty miniatures and a beautiful teacup and plate that I think will become my bedtime cocoa cup. 
I think I'm going to use some of them to grow cacti and succulents. Possibly some airplants too. 

Watch this space.
I'm feeling creative

X x X

Sunday 8 September 2019

Voile I never

 I attending my first Swap meet yesterday with my lovely mummy, and it was AMAZING!
I picked up so many bits and pieces all for the price of my £2 entrance fee.
 One of my favourite finds were these 4 voile panels with bright and beautiful butterflies on them.
Obviously not knowing their history everything I picked up yesterday is being washed before use. panel has been utterly destroyed by my washing machine. The other 3 are perfectly fine. I don't understand quite how its happened.  All the panels were in the same load, nothing else in with them. 
I wonder how i did it 🤔

At least my new-to-me crazy slippers are doing grand job of keeping my toes warm. I grabbed them without trying them on which was a risk but I did hold them against my feet first for a rough size check. 

I'll share the rest of my finds with you as I wash them and put them in their new places in our home. 

X x X

Friday 6 September 2019

Back into routine

Hello readers! I've spend the past week arguing with Blogger over who I am. For some reason I was locked out of my account and had to prove I was me. It's all sorted now finally though i have a feeling they will be watching me secretly for a while just in case. Lol.
The two eldest went back to school yesterday. Gman starts next week for a few half days. There's going to be tears I'm terrible for first day parent emotions.

DD1 had her Topic launch day, which meant coming to school in red, white and blue. She is learning about America this term. Today they learnt about Native American culture, popular sports like baseball and basketball and watched American news bulletins.
I think it sounds like a great topic.

X x X