Sunday 8 September 2019

Voile I never

 I attending my first Swap meet yesterday with my lovely mummy, and it was AMAZING!
I picked up so many bits and pieces all for the price of my £2 entrance fee.
 One of my favourite finds were these 4 voile panels with bright and beautiful butterflies on them.
Obviously not knowing their history everything I picked up yesterday is being washed before use. panel has been utterly destroyed by my washing machine. The other 3 are perfectly fine. I don't understand quite how its happened.  All the panels were in the same load, nothing else in with them. 
I wonder how i did it 🤔

At least my new-to-me crazy slippers are doing grand job of keeping my toes warm. I grabbed them without trying them on which was a risk but I did hold them against my feet first for a rough size check. 

I'll share the rest of my finds with you as I wash them and put them in their new places in our home. 

X x X


  1. Quite possibly one panel had more sun exposure that the others and that is what happened. UV rays can rot the fabric over time...Hope you can salvage the others to use. They are lovely.

  2. Love those panels... What are you planning on doing with them?


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