Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Cheap dates

 DH suprised me today with a romantic picnic for 2 at the zoo. We still had Baby W with us but she very kindly decided to sleep soundly in her buggy for most of our visit.
We spend a long time watching the antics of the binturong. It's the first time I've even seen one and they are wonderful creatures.

  • We took a little picnic and plenty of drinks with us from home. The weather was beautiful so we ate outside watching the otters playing from our picnic bench.

It was a quiet day with only a few small school groups visiting. We avoided the more popular animals like the tigers and giraffes. It meant that we had almost a private audience with the animals we were watching.
We walked around almost the entire park and returned home just in time for a quick cuppa before the school run.

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