Wednesday 30 November 2016

Clocks and Charity

I've spent the past few evenings knitting squares. They are being sent to a lady on the Isle of Wight to be sewn into blankets for the homeless.  She is hoping to make and hand out 365  blankets next year. 

Last night we started to teach DD1 how to read the time. Using a cheap wall clock and some dry erase pens she practiced drawing various o'clock and half past times. 
Tonight we will add in quarter past and quarter to. Hopefully in a few days DD1 will be able to read the time on her watch with confidence.

X X X 

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

I've managed a lovely pile of bargains this morning.
First I checked my O2 priority app, WHSMITH were offering a free packet of Christmas cards. I snapped up a pack of 30 cards, DD1 and DD2 both are in classes of 30. Hopefully hubby can grab a second pack with his app.
 We will attach a mini candy cane to each of the cards as a gift. The candy canes were in the poundland (1x 34 mini canes -£1)

Next I went into Wilko. They had lots of beautiful stationary reduced. Usually I buy a pack of 3 plain exercise books for £1. The girls use them for home learning, diaries, spellings etc. 
The pretty notebooks above were reduced to 25p each! So I stocked up on 4.

And finally I looked in Pound world to find pom poms! DD1 was making a pretend pom pom this morning before school with some carrier bags. Hopefully these will be a safer option with Baby G around. Babies and plastic bags aren't a great mix. 
They aren't quite as fancy as the ones at training but they look pretty and should be fine for home practise.

I'm really pleased with my bargains this morning.
what great things have you bought lately?

X x X

Monday 28 November 2016

Majorette Mondays

I saw an advert on Facebook last week saying there was a new Baton twirling group starting up nearby. 
It seemed to be a great opportunity for the girls to do something outside of school. Not to mention the exercise, discipline and self confidence it should bring. 

Today we went to our first session. Though initially they were both a little nervous, both of them soon joined in with gusto. 
DD2 is in the younger group, they mostly use pom poms and only train for an hour. DD1 is in the older group doing both pom poms and baton, they train for 2 hours.

It's really hard to get photo''s as there's a lot of children there etc but hopefully I can show you all the girls in action eventually. 

I'm pretty sure Baby G was eyeing up those pom poms. There are a few boys on the team, I'm sure once he's old enough to join in we will enrole him too.


Sunday 27 November 2016

Family Day

It's been a day for family bonding. First we went to a local park to burn off of lots of build up energy.
We spent a lot of time enjoying the various swings, slides, climbing frames and see-saws.
It was slightly nippy but otherwise a lovely day to get outside and play.

As we'd all built up an appetite we chose to visit a local pub on the way home. Hubby treated us all to dinner and desert. 
By the time we got home everyone was very tired and very full. I think I was the only one who didn't enjoy a little nap during the afternoon.


Saturday 26 November 2016

Finders Keepers

I was lucky enough to find some free art yesterday. It was taped to a local newspaper collection point. I wanted to get a copy of the free local paper as a friend had submitted a recipe and had it printed in the current issue. 
I think the idea of leaving free art around the town centre is a great way to promote your talents. 
Please check out Suzanna's page to see more of her gorgous pet portraits.


Friday 25 November 2016

Friday treats

It's Friday! The children have been so good for me this week, I wanted to reward them. So after the school run and before hopping on the bus home we visited my spiritual home. The pound shop!
Everyone had £1 to spend on almost anything they wanted (just in case they choose a bottle of bleach or something ridiculous).
DD1 choose a Colour your own Christmas card set. She's happily sat most of the evening colouring them in for different family members.

DD2 spotted a MYO mask set with some paints. Once home she decided on felt tip pens rather than paint so we stashed the paints for another day. 
DD2 has spent most of the evening jumping out on me while growling. I think she might be a tiger. Which would explain the orange nose and whiskers she drew.

Baby G was coaxed into choosing some new bath toys. I recently had to bin a few that had past their sell by date. 
He has spent the evening ignoring them mostly and stealing his sisters tiger mask whenever she puts it down somewhere. He keeps holding it up to his little face and growling just like DD2 does.
 I think the neighbours must think I'm running a zoo, it's been quite a loud evening. 


Wednesday 23 November 2016

I've been thinking...

Life is pretty overwhelming lately. There are things going on that have been taking a lot of time and energy away from both me and my family. I find I'm at home less and less, and with less time to do all the things I enjoy.

Today I've made a list of all the things that are important to me.  Things I enjoy, things that give me something positive back.
Family time, craft, charity work, blogging, reading, gardening...
 I want to achieve more things each day from this list and life a calmer simpler life again.

It's time to end some toxic friendships, opt out of pointless time wasters and walk away from anything unsatisfying.
 I'm hoping my the time new year hits I will be living a far more simple and fulfilling life.