Monday 28 November 2016

Majorette Mondays

I saw an advert on Facebook last week saying there was a new Baton twirling group starting up nearby. 
It seemed to be a great opportunity for the girls to do something outside of school. Not to mention the exercise, discipline and self confidence it should bring. 

Today we went to our first session. Though initially they were both a little nervous, both of them soon joined in with gusto. 
DD2 is in the younger group, they mostly use pom poms and only train for an hour. DD1 is in the older group doing both pom poms and baton, they train for 2 hours.

It's really hard to get photo''s as there's a lot of children there etc but hopefully I can show you all the girls in action eventually. 

I'm pretty sure Baby G was eyeing up those pom poms. There are a few boys on the team, I'm sure once he's old enough to join in we will enrole him too.


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  1. This sounds exciting, looking forward to the piccy's


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