Wednesday 30 November 2016

Clocks and Charity

I've spent the past few evenings knitting squares. They are being sent to a lady on the Isle of Wight to be sewn into blankets for the homeless.  She is hoping to make and hand out 365  blankets next year. 

Last night we started to teach DD1 how to read the time. Using a cheap wall clock and some dry erase pens she practiced drawing various o'clock and half past times. 
Tonight we will add in quarter past and quarter to. Hopefully in a few days DD1 will be able to read the time on her watch with confidence.

X X X 


  1. Could you post details of exactly what is needed for blanket squares? I could send a few!

  2. I might be interested in knitting these squares, what is the website / address of this project.
    Ideal for doing while watching tv

  3. Thats good about the blankets. We did a thing in Leicester once where we all knitted squares and then someone sewed them into blankets for Romania. And my neighbour in Norfolk made some which were then made into blankets for the local hospice. It is SO much better if we can work together on these projects, instead of lots of half-finished blankets languishing in cupboards!! I think your clock-work is fabulous too. Your kids are SO blessed to have a mum like you.


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