Tuesday 29 November 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

I've managed a lovely pile of bargains this morning.
First I checked my O2 priority app, WHSMITH were offering a free packet of Christmas cards. I snapped up a pack of 30 cards, DD1 and DD2 both are in classes of 30. Hopefully hubby can grab a second pack with his app.
 We will attach a mini candy cane to each of the cards as a gift. The candy canes were in the poundland (1x 34 mini canes -£1)

Next I went into Wilko. They had lots of beautiful stationary reduced. Usually I buy a pack of 3 plain exercise books for £1. The girls use them for home learning, diaries, spellings etc. 
The pretty notebooks above were reduced to 25p each! So I stocked up on 4.

And finally I looked in Pound world to find pom poms! DD1 was making a pretend pom pom this morning before school with some carrier bags. Hopefully these will be a safer option with Baby G around. Babies and plastic bags aren't a great mix. 
They aren't quite as fancy as the ones at training but they look pretty and should be fine for home practise.

I'm really pleased with my bargains this morning.
what great things have you bought lately?

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  1. Love the notebooks, thanks for that, I happen to be going into Wilkos this afternoon so will look out for them....you can never have enough notebooks!

  2. I love the pound shops and often pick up embellishments for my projects, love the pom poms.


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