Tuesday 4 February 2014

New Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we finally received the keys for our luxury new house.  I'm so happy our troubles are finally over and we can just get on with moving and bonding with our new roof and walls.
 One of the first things that moved in , once we checked it all over of course, was my chilli plants and aloe vera. My friend jokingly calls it "marking my territory" which to be honest is exactly what it feels like.

DD is really impressed with her new room, and we hoping to spend our first night there tomorrow. Then it will start to feel real I think.
 There are a few little jobs that need doing. Getting the Internet set up, new accounts for electric and gas sorted out. The house is currently on a key meter but we've been told the landlord is happy for us to change over thank goodness.
  Tomorrow I will working in OH's shop with Baby D for the day, while OH and various burly men types start shifting things over. I will try and post up a few snaps of the various rooms and gardens(!) as soon as I am there in daylight. At the moment I've only ever seen the house in the dark lol.

 And for my first act of frugalling in the new pad I give you gloves on a string. DD has already lost one pair of gloves at preschool so this pair have been stitched to each end of a strand of wool and threaded through her sleeves. I know it's an old fashioned thing to do but a good idea is a good idea.


  1. Thinking of putting my OWN gloves on a string, I keep losing them. So very thrilled to know that the new home is yours at last!! xx

  2. Whoo hoo!! Brilliant news! I am so happy for you, I have missed your posts on frugaldom and hope to hear all about your new pad soon. Take care and happy moving x

  3. Moving can be so stressful, I'm glad you are sorted now

  4. So glad that you finally had some good luck with getting a suitable house. You must be so relieved and happy that it worked out this time around :)

  5. So pleased that you have found yourself a new pad, we are undertaking our 2nd move in less than 12 months thanks to our present LL being so difficult and awkward, the saga over the fence really finished us off. We have found a ground floor apartment which suits us down to the ground and its a land LADY who is very tuned in to what we asked her.

    Good luck on Sunday.


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