Saturday, 1 March 2014

Touring the Madhouse - Part 1

 Welcome Welcome! Have you popped in for the tour? Lovely! Now do try and stick together and try not to get distracted and wander off.
 Behind you is the front door. Currently only part of this hallway has been decorated , the rest is going to be completed shortly.  It's completion date depends mainly on many naps the children take in the day time and how free the evenings are.

Here we are to the left of the front door. That cracked window is due to be replaced next week so we can ignore that. The netting from the window is currently in some cold tea to change it from stark white to a nicer creamy shade. So far no lampshades have been found by the lady of the house that catch her eye.

What's that? Yes the walls are unusual aren't they? Due to a lack of decorating funds and an overstock of creative flair the walls are actually papered with book pages from a vintage German music encyclopedia. So far two sections of wall have been completed with a book of etiquette earmarked to cover the remaining walls. Here take a close look.

To left again we have the door to a small downstairs toilet. This area will be the next to be decorated with pages, although suggestions for sprucing up the doorway are welcome.

A quick glance at the loo now, we all know what one looks like so lets not linger. Lady of the House assures us that disgusting slate grey colour will not be staying!

Moving on again to the left is the telephone/Internet area. The previous occupants of the house used to store their router on the radiator, they also casually mention it broke often. New shelving was errected shortly after moving in to avoid this problem. The bottom shelf hold some flowers and wedding photos. The top shelf holds the telephone, a notepad and pen and Internet router. The scrabble tile picture was a Christmas gift from the parents of the Lady.
 So far the shelves have been jazzed up with some lace edging but soon they will also be painted.

Left again brings you to the stairway and entrance to the playroom. Ignore the quilt drying over the door, currently there is no where strong enough outside to hang wet quilts.

Once more to the left and we are just next to front door again and facing the entrance to the lounge. We will now continue our tour with a visit into this room.

 To the right of the door is the main window facing the front of the house. The children are allowed a few small toys in this room while they watch TV and films, anything messy or loud is used in the playroom.

To the right again. Here you can drool over the vintage bureau  inherited from the Lady of the House's late Grandmother. The ceremic chicken by the way has been named Clive for some reason and hides the remote control from tiny fingers. Through the patio window you can just spot a huge Physalis plant that was kindly passed on from someone on Freegle.

Right again to the back of the room. A third window. The home of Mr Legs the frog, the footstool and the welsh dresser. The welsh dresser houses the Royal Doulton collection. In the bottom corner beneath the dresser is a mystery switch. No one can work out what it controls and investigations are continuing.

Right again to the side of the room.  Complete with DD almost having an afternoon nap on the sofa. Note one of several quilts in the back of the sofa made by the good Ladies very talented Mum.

One more shuffle right and we are back to the hallway entrance. The nesting tables on the left are shortly to be painted in some creative way to match in with the room better.

 This concludes our tour today ladies and gentlemen, please feel free to pop by tomorrow to view the second part of the house. And don't forget to tip your tour guide on the way out by leaving a comment below this post telling us how you found today's tour.
 We'd love to hear from you all, ideas, suggestions and praise all welcome. Lol

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  1. Thank you for taking us on a tour of your new home. :) Now if you could just pop that Welsh dresser into the post to me, that would be great! (I'm on the hunt for one but not found anything suitable that can be delivered to our neck of the woods, yet.) LOL Hope you are enjoying your new house and can get your innovative decorating completed soon - reading your walls certainly sounds more interesting than watching paint dry on them, eh? :)

  2. Lovely tour thank you. Great idea using those pages for wall paper!!

  3. Lovely house - is it a local authority or housing association one?
    I'm in the process to be re-housed and if Im matched with anything like yours then I will be over the moon!

  4. Love your wallpaper, such a clever idea and so pretty!

    Very envious that you have a playroom.

  5. I just found your blog! What timing. I loved the tour of your home. I love to see how everyone decorates their homes. So much fun!

  6. love the german wall paper !! !!


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