Friday, 28 March 2014

Baby D update - Good News.

Baby D was transferred back to QA hospital in Cosham (our local) after 48 hours on PICU. The journey back was a lot less scary though we still journeyed with a PICU nurse and specially trained paediatric paramedic driver. She slept peacefully for most of the journey and I'm pleased to say the whole thing was uneventful.

At QA they started Baby D on a few gentle sessions of play therapy. Trying to encourage her to show reactions and responses to stimulus. The concern for a long few days was that although she was awake and reasonably alert, Baby D was lacking any form of personality. We were warned that it may be a symptom of brain damage and there was a very dark few days of thinking that we had both saved and lost of Baby D at the same time.

But then.... after 3 long days of praying and hoping, Baby D just appeared again! Literally woke up from one of her naps and beamed at me, reached out to me and mouthed "mum mum mum mum". I completely broke down in tears and know from that moment that at least part of our D had survived in tact.
 With in 24 hours she was sat in a high chair eating her first food in over a week! Apple slices and baked beans disappeared slowly and awkwardly one by one  into that tiny tummy. The neurologists stopped being mentioned in regular conversations and were happy to step back and see how she progressed.

Another 48 hours in and  D was her giggling, smiling, Peppa Pig loving self again. Slowly wires disappeared, more and more independence was being given back, and Baby D handled it all in style. It has been breathtaking see her appear more and more with each passing day.

And best of all she is back home again! Above is her homecoming meal sat pride of place next to her big sister. She is still very much in recovery, everyday she is a little bit stronger and naps a little bit less. She has no medication now just supplements for vitamins and Iron due to some anaemia.
 Her hand eye coordination is still a little off, and when she walks her balance is quite poor. We are told it may improve on its own or it maybe a sign of damage. It's just a case of waiting for now and seeing how things progress. But I already have so much more than I dreamed I couldn't care less at this point.

 I would also like to add  a big thank you to everyone who left comments, and sent emails and messages throughout the whole ordeal. Every single one helped us be that little bit stronger and cope that little bit more. I can honestly say we couldn't have endured this half so well without you all. I love you all completely.



  1. Yay! I'm so glad for your good news. Will keep you all in mind still, as she continues to get back to herself.

  2. So happy to hear you have your precious baby back home safe and sound. Young ones are so resilient, thank goodness she is ok!

  3. Great news. Mothering Sunday Will be so joyful for you, I pray her recovery continues.

  4. Praise God!! I am tearing up as well, but with thankfulness and hope.

  5. Hallelujah and Amen!!! As FC says above, Mothering Sunday is going to be SO full of joy for you all. I shall be rejoicing extra loud in church tomorrow morning at this news xx love and hugs xx

  6. This is just the best kind of news to read on a Saturday morning, I am so pleased for you all. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Lots of love and big hugs Karen xxx

  7. Wonderful news, sounds like a bit of a miracle. have been thinking of you all and lighting my candle sending love and light every night xx

  8. I should keep up, poor babe. Glad to see she's on the mend xxxx

  9. I have been away from blogland for a while and am so sorry to hear about baby D I am so elated to know she is doing well. I am sure she is pretty much back to normal by now.


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