Friday, 14 March 2014

Kindness of Strangers

So here in the Frugal Handmade Home we are fish people. We have two tanks set up at the moment, one with some little bright coloured Molly fish, and one for a big albino frog named Mr.Frog.
  The Mollies though are getting jiggy and as a result I have several expectant mothers. Planning on raising the fry and exchanging them for credit at the local fish shop means we would need another little tank. So I sent out an appeal for unwanted fish tanks on several Freegle sites. The idea was that hopefully someone would be willing to give us a small breeding tank, perhaps shoebox size.

And here is what we've been given! Bigger than the original Molly tank! We have decided to swap them over once the new (to us) tank is up and running properly. So the new tank will become our main Molly tank and old one will be used for breeding the tiny fish babies.

Work has already started to settle in the first layer of gravel and plants. It will take a few days to set this huge tank up properly, and then a few weeks to cycle.

But thanks to the donated plants it already has it's first tiny resident. A tiny bladder snail who hitched a lift on the plants. A free tank and a free snail - Some people are just so incredibly generous.

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