Saturday, 29 March 2014

Post lunch upcycling

 We had a rather tasty tin of Chicken Soup for our lunch today. These tins are just 99p in Lidl and a great addition to your stockpile as a back up lunch/dinner or in our case a nice change from sandwiches.
 Looking at the tin sat on Side I had a sudden brainwave. I scurried off to grab a page of sheet music,  scissors and sellotape.

I wrapped a sheet of paper around the cleaned out tin and feathered the open end to give me a neater top edge. Plus protect your fingers from a potential sharp edge.

I added two left over cut outs from my German music book to add some interest.  And voila one rather splendid and frugaltastic pen pot. Everything I needed was on hand and the whole thing took less time than heating and eating the contents. Plus it's perfectly on theme for my book page hallway.

What have you all been crafting lately?

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  1. That's a good re-use of a soup tin.

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