Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tortilla Pizza

 Lay two tortillas on a baking tray.
                                   Add a squeeze of Tomato Puree on each tortilla and spread.
 Add a handful of grated cheese. As or as little as you fancy
 Add a few slices of the Sausage to each wrap.
 Pop into a warm oven for 10  minutes or until cheese is melting and gooey. I did mine at 200
Pop onto a plate and cut into slices for small fingers or leave whole for big ones. Eat while hot and delicious!
 These pizzas are quick, easy and frugal! I've seen them used at a children's party as make-your-own-pizza and while they are cooked they decorate cakes or biscuits as a desert. Food and entertainment in one.
Let me know if you try them.
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