Saturday, 1 December 2012

Church Christmas Fayre

 Talking Shrek - 75p  Talking Donkey - 75p.

  Me and the bambino's popped into a local Church's Christmas Fayre earlier today. We live almost opposite so it was a nice little walk without getting to chilly and not far to lug things home if we brought anything big. It also meant DD could stretch her little legs, not easy to do when your little and it's chilly.
 DD is really fond of Shrek at the moment, we've been watching to movies over and over for the last few days. I didn't realise they talked till we got home and I gave them a look over, found the battery packs and turned them on.

 Jigsaw book - Simpsons Annual - Water for Elephants - 25p each

 Books, books, books, we are quite a family of readers and have a small mountain of stories dotted around the flat. DD tends to get bored of them after a few readings except for a select few so I like to keep some new ones on hand.
 I saw the film version of Water for Elephants recently and have been looking out for a copy of the novel for a few weeks. Don't you just love it when that happens?   

 Pumba - La la - Octopus - 3 for 50p
 If you remember from a previous post that DD has two other Lion King characters so he will be a great addition. The two little toys are perfect for Baby D who is just starting to grab at things now, they are both super soft and they rattle.
Spot's Christmas - 25p

 And finally one more book, which I haven't been able to get near yet lol. But DD tells me it's very good and she is rather pleased with it.
  We played £1 on a tombola but didn't win a sausage, and had a refreshing drink and biscuit each for 30p. Picked up an Xmas present for OH, and brought everyone a nice cake for tea. All together I spent about £6 once you include the entrance fee. Not bad for a mornings entertainment.

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  1. My big sister is a vicar, and we just love the church fairs. xx


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