Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nanny's care package

 My Dad popped down to see us all today, and brought with him a little clothing parcel from my mum and our Christmas decorations. The 5 little dresses for Baby D are stunning, one of them is Jasper Conran! Goodness knows what they would cost new! I can't help looking at the lovely fabrics from a crafters eye as well lol.
And of course DD wasn't left out with three lovely new tops and snugly pink hoody.
 Best of all? They come washed and ironed ready to wear. Thanks mum

x x x

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  1. That’s so sweet! My mother also sent me some gifts for my birthday with the help of courier services Dallas. I am 25 but I am still a baby for my mother. I live way too far from home and she doesn’t misses even a single birthday of mine. She sends me gifts every year and this time I got my gift early. It was great, I wore that dress on my birthday. She has a very good choice and I love her for everything.


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