Friday 14 December 2012

Retro Toy Joy

 I picked an Etch a Sketch yesterday in my fave charity shop for just £1. I loved mine when I was little, and I really wanted to share it with DD. She took to it like a duck to water and happily played on it most the afternoon. showing off her creations to whoever was nearest at the time. 
 Out of interest I looked them up on EBay and they are selling for several pounds of there each so I definitely got a bargain. While I was googling them to see how they worked (I'm a curious person) I came across Etch a Sketch artists! Here are some of my favourite sketches I found.

 Big Daddy and Little Sister from Bio Shock.
 A super textured armadillo.
This one just blows me away!

 Shall I see what I can come up with?

x x x

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  1. How do people DO those? I only ever managed rectangles or stepped pyramids! I am sure that last one must be a cheat [because there are so many line ends]


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