Tuesday 4 December 2012

Budget shopping

  Glove puppet and story - 20p  Tiny Doll - 20p

I knew I shouldn't have popped into a local charity shop on my way to Lidl. I can't resist hunting through the bargain bins and sale rails. All these bits came from the same shop.
Teddy set for Baby D - Disney top for Baby D - Pudsey top for DD
 I cannot believe the things that some places put into their 4 for £1 bins! I wonder if it's because the volunteers don't want to mark prices on all the baby items. There are some quality items to be found from having a good dig right down to the bottom. Most people just glance at the top three items.
 Summer weight hoody - £1 on the sale rail

 I never worry about shopping in season, in fact I try to do the opposite as things are priced so much cheaper. Hence this lovely Cederwood state hoody. Short sleeved and light weight perfect for summer.

Grandad Jumper - £1 from Sale Rail

I love the pattens on this jumper and I've seen a rather nice tutorial about how to make them into cushion covers. That's for after its been worn for at least one winter though

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  1. That is one fabulous jumper!!

  2. i love that last jumper, so very fashionable and stunning colours xxx

  3. what great deals. I find the pricing in charity shops vary from shop to shop don't you?


    1. I certainly do Gill. If the toys had been in Sue Ryder they'd be £1.49 and probably 50p in cancer research I don't even bother shopping in some of them unless I am hunting for some specific before I hit the budget high street shops

      x x x


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