Sunday 28 October 2012

10 thing that make me smile

 Inspired by the lovely Foster Mummy on her  blog here is my list;

1;  Watching DD shout at a snail for being to slow
2;  Baby D attempting to laugh but just coming out with a squeaky cough
3;  OH and DD having massive playfights complete with play acting arguements
4; The smell of a roast dinner being cooked
5; Knowing that if the world ended tomorrow that I have lived a happy life
6;Crumpets with jam and butter that runs down your arm as you eat it
7; The cold side of the pillow
8; DD trying to catch Autumn leaves as they fall off the trees
9; Being randomly kissed by OH for absolutely no reason
10; All my bloggy friends and there clever ideas and comments :)

 What are yours?

x x x


  1. Inspiring post! Here are ten for me!

    1.) Raking leaves with a rake into huge piles!
    2.) Ginger cats curled up in a cardboard box asleep.
    3.) Peppermint tea from our own homegrown peppermint.
    4.) Showers of autumn leaves falling through the sun roof of the car.
    5.) Ladybug freckles.
    6.) Farmer's Market at the Courthouse.
    7.) Kisses on the back of the neck.
    8.) Boot socks with frilly lace on top.
    9.) Timeberland boots!
    10.)Hunter's Moon peeking behind storm clouds!

  2. What a lovely list, it really made me smile. You are so right, joy is found in often the simplest things. I found your blog through 2 Bags Full 'grow your blog' event, and I am your newest follower ;-) Annie


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