Saturday 20 October 2012

It's a Druff!

 DD has been an absolute angel this morning. While I was running about getting various jobs done, she entertained Baby D with silly faces, kisses and cuddles. Even popping her dummy back in her mouth when she dropped it (after sucking it first to clean it off like mummy does!) and tucking D's feet back in when she kicked off her covers..
 I told her that for being so good we could do some drawing and sticking together.
 So I gave her the stash pile of activities and she picked out this one to colour and cut out. We picked it up ages ago as a freebie from Marwell Zoo. I always try to pick up free colouring pages and activity sheets when I spot them and stash them for rainy days and treats. It's a lot more frugal than buying colouring books.
Me; What have we made DD?
DD; It's a Druff
Me; Gi-raffe say it with me Gi-raffe
DD; Der-ruff
Me; Gi-raffe
DD; Der-ruff
Me; Gi-raffe
DD- Gi-raffe
Me; Well done DD, now what is it?
DD; Silly Mummy, it's a Druff
Me; Sigh, okay it's a Druff.


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  1. awww just adorable, love the pics. I pick up the printables etc too at the library, like you said uch more frugal :))


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