Wednesday 17 October 2012

It's another wartime challege

 Cassie at Crafty Mum has set her third wartime challenge. This time we were challenged to make a war time game from this site. So this morning while Baby D was napping and DD needed a nice quiet distraction we busted out the craft supplies and got to work.

 Here is DD proudly showing off her morning hard work of sticking, colouring and gluing. We didn't have a shoebox lid as the instructions demanded so we improvised by cutting a cereal box in half. I've saved the other half so we can make this again later.We also didn't have any elastic so we just threw our cotton wool balls into "Bert's" mouth. Don't ask me why everything and anything is being called Bert at the moment, I'm just going with the flow lol.
 And yes that would be a biscuit she added in the corner for artistic effect. It was later eaten as a post craft snack.

 And here he is in all his glory. Not bad for a mornings work. I'm hoping he will survive until Daddy gets in from work so we can all have a try at flinging cotton wool balls at Bert.
 Thank you Cassie for a wonderful entertaining and quiet morning. I think next time we make it I might do a Christmas themed one, with cotton wool glued on the box as snow, and a snowman or Santa to fling things at. Or possibly a Halloween themed one with a spider web box and a ghost to aim for. So many possibilities!

And the best bit?,......

 The wonderful half hour nap DD took after all that crafting excitement. Watched over of course by a well rested little sister.

x x x

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  1. glad u enjoyed it love the idea of halloween and christmas themed ones xx


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