Friday 28 September 2012

Freegle Cheek

 On my local freegle/freecycle page someone was asking for baby clothes. Thinking I was doing a good turn I hooked out some baby grows from the donation pile and offered them to her. I explained that they were all white and neutral, and that I had washed them in prep for Baby D but she had arrived far to big to fit in them so they were almost brand new/never worn just washed. I received a reply back very quickly asking me what make they were as " I only want Next or Gap style brands and not George or supermarket ones"
 Is it just me that thinks this is a bloody cheek? I am suspicious that they were planning to sell them on or perhaps they are just to snobby for non-designer baby things! It's made me really cross. I didn't bother replying to her email and listed my items on the site for someone more grateful.

 What do think readers? What would you have done?


  1. sounds like someone wanting stuff to flog on eBay to me too! I would have acted exactly as you did. I am confident you will find a much more deserving home for them!
    Babies want to be warm, dry and comfortable - they do not care about logos or brandnames!
    blessings and hugs xx

  2. I, too, think that is cheeky - but having found out this week that people are selling clothes from certain shops (Next and Gap being two of them) rather than donating them to charity, I wonder if that's what she is doing?
    My daughter's baby will be dressed - as we all are - in charity shop versions of whatever the original shop just happened to be. I don't check out the label, I check the size and then check for any stains/marks.
    Anyone would be lucky to get donations from you x

  3. that is so cheeky as you say probably somebody hoping to sell them on there are quite a few of them on facebook etc who do it

  4. She'd never have got anything from me!
    The funniest thing that ever happened to me on freegle is when I offered an extremely large bookcase, about 6 foot tall, stating the dimensions clearly. Someone I offered it to asked if it would fit in their Vauxhall Corsa!

  5. sounds a bit rude! but then again, they really could have been fickle enough to actually not want anything that is not a brand, some people are just plain daft!

  6. If she was that fussy then she should have asked for that in her initial request. I think it is dreadfully cheeky of her and I would have done exactly what you did.

  7. Hi! First time reader of your blog here! I've never heard of anyone asking what brand the clothing is. I guess everyone who mentioned that maybe they were selling it on Ebay are right. Why else would she care? Babies grow so fast that the clothing is only around for a short time before they outgrow it anyway. Makes no sense to care what the brand is unless you are seling it on. Can't believe people's nerve though.

  8. I found this also, people were asking for designer brands, it's not freecycle anymore, it's people just grabbing the best. I beacme very angry over this as I want to give to people who are needy and grateful.
    So I now give to a chirty of my choice, usually heart foundation or cancer.


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