Thursday 27 September 2012

More posh nosh

 Thursdays seem to be my day for finding bargains in Mr.W as again today I struck gold.

 1x huge cabbage - 98p reduced to 65p
Bag of Sugarsnap peas - £1.60 reduced to 25p
Turkey Mince - £4.00 reduced to 75p
6 pack mini pork pies - £2.29  reduced to 55p
2x Banana milkshake - £1 each reduced to 35p each (but on a double offer so actually cost 5p each!)
Salmon Croute - £5.99 reduced to £1.49
Chicken in redwine and brandy - £6.99 reduced to £1.49

 This little lot cost me £ 5.28 but is worth £23.85 full price! I can feed the three of us for at least 3 main meals, plus have some little nibbly treats to munch and enjoy. DD is very much looking forward to some of the banana milk lol.

 We are trying the salmon first with some potatoes and peas, the rest will be popped into the freezer for later in the week.

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  1. 10p for £2 worth of milkshake is a brilliant bargain and the chicken and salmon dishes sound like real Posh Nosh

    enjoy!! blessings x


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