Monday 3 September 2012

This is my Everest

 Horrible isn't it? Full of junk and clutter and I suspect secrets. And sadly it isn't the only cupboard like it in my home at the moment.
 So I armed myself with a selection of carrier bags and got to work for an hour. I have one bag for local charity, 3 things to pass on to specific people, 2 things to check on Ebay in case I donate a hidden fortune, 2 bags for the bin.

And voila. Isn't that better? The top shelf is stashed presents and gifts, the box holds all my cards for various occasions. I was surprised how many I seemed to have collected over time, I guess I won't be needing to any in for a good long time lol. I also have a few gift bags I forgot I had which is always useful.
  It took me just over an hour to complete the whole organise in one go, by the end of it I was struggling a little bit with some dizziness and a bit of pain from bending and lifting (nothing heavy just from the movement). I popped a painkiller and promptly fell into a 2 hour afternoon nap, but I feel so pleased as what I achieved.

 After my nap I woke up to find Daddy had spun some magic and both the girls were fast asleep at 6.30pm. We had a lovely dinner and just enjoyed chatting to each other without interruptions, and finished it off with a movie we've meant to watch forever on Sky. It was a perfect evening.

x x x

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