Friday 14 September 2012

Winter woolys.

 I keep hearing from various sources that we are in for a long miserable winter this year so I have been starting to think about blanket stashes and making sure everyone has enough jumpers and cardigans in stock.
 Apparently I am not the only one on this train of thought as two of my wonderful friends have made Baby D the knitted gifts above. The hat should be perfect around Christmas time and the cardigan is just a shade to big for the moment so has been stashed away for a month or so.
I also picked up this lovely hand knitted two piece set in a charity shop for £2! The colours are very neutral so will match nicely with other items in my wardrobe. And should I find myself bored of it once winter has passed I can unravel the cardigan and matching short sleeved top for a huge amount of wool to recycle into something else. Expect to see this a ensemble worn a lot this wintertime.

  My plans for this afternoon is to watch the new War Time Farm series on Iplayer. I really enjoyed their Victorian Farm series that was on a while ago so I'm looking forward to nap time and a cup of coffee while I get my farming fix lol.
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