Saturday 22 September 2012

Saturdays Savings

  I wanted to show you the lovely flowers OH brought home with him yesterday for our anniversary. We also had several cards through the post from friends and family which I thought was really lovely. Once they have been on show for a little while I will add them into the back of our wedding cards album as a memento.
 I popped into Mr.W while hubby was closing up the shop and seemed to have caught it at just the right time!!! Here are the goodies I picked up. (Strawberries came from local market for 50p)

 Hovis Bread - was 66p now 19p
Angus Rump Steak Burgers - was 4.99 now 99p
Tub of Margarine - was £2.30 now 25p
Duck Pate with raspberries - was £2.29 now 65p
2x Organic Milk - was 89p now 19p

 That's £12.02 of shopping for a nominal  £2.46!
I'm quite looking forward to some pate on toast for breakfast, making a chocolate bread and butter pudding, baking shortbread and OH can't wait to have the burgers for his dinner. Topped off with strawberries to snack on of course!

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