Monday 10 September 2012

Slowly out and about

 It was my first big trip out today since having Baby D. She's almost three weeks now so I was in danger of become something of a recluse if hadn't been for Hubby dragging me out. We went for a wander around Gunwarf Quay which is a local shopping outlet type place. On route we popped in to see the doctor to have my section scar checked over and review my general well being. OH and the DR both felt I haven't been my usual perky self since having Baby D so I have started on some treatment for PND (Post natal depression),  so fingers crossed I am back to my old self soon.

2x Whittard's Hot Chocolate £5 BOGOF
2x Cath Kidston Mugs £3 each on clearance

In other news here are our bargains from Gunwarf Quays today. The hot chocolate is to die for at Whittard's and we try and make sure we have a pack in the cupboard for snuggly evenings. Autumn and winter evenings just aren't the same without a snuggly blanket and a vat of hot chocolate. The mugs are super sized and I must admit to being a huge fan of CK. Usually a trip into her shop at Gunwarf is strictly for looking and fantasising but today they were having a clearance ready for their xmas lines to come in. I was so pleased to find something new and within my budget.
Photo album - £7.50
Cath Kidston Bandanna - £2.50
Notebook - £9

 Next up is a photo album which we wanted for Baby D's first photos and cards. We made an album up for DD in the same way when she was born so we wanted to do the same for The D. The bandanna is actually a hankie but the fabric is really thick and just the right size for a bandanna so that what I shall use it as. The notebook is my new diary, I found writing really helpful in the past when I've been suffering from depression so I am keen to try it again. It's been over a year since I last kept one other than my blog so I have plenty to write about and catch up with.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. Glad the trip was good.

  2. Hello lovely, Keep writing x do as much or as little as you feel you can xxx allow yourself as much time as you need to heal xxxx remember we love you xxxxx Froogs xxxx

  3. Lean on us my love, we are all here for you. xxxx Blogging has helped my depression enormously. xxxx FM

  4. As a mother to a three month old daughter and a four year old - I kind of know how you feel. I've had days where I've felt like crying all day or just sitting on my own. Breastfeeding makes it harder as you can't just go out and leave the kids with their father or other family members. Taking care of two kids, running a home etc is hard work. Even cooking a meal takes ages! Dont even get me started on having a wee in peace etc .... I'm followed upstairs. By my son constantly. Haha. I still have my down days but I just look at their faces and think " you're worth it". Hang in there - you'll be fine. Let's hope their grateful when they're older?! Ha. Xxx


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