Tuesday 11 September 2012

Free Homestead Emag

Who doesn't love a freebie? I have just spent a very happy 20 minutes flicking through this free Emag while having a bucket of coffee.Not everything in it will appeal to everyone but such is the stuff of life. I really liked the idea of making up your own cake and cookie mixes for the store cupboard. As a busy mum who likes to have home baked treats on hand this is an idea that could save me a lot of time and effort. Plus it would make cooking with DD slightly less messy but no less fun. My mission for this afternoon is make up a Brownie mix or 3 in some spare jars and see how I get on. I will keep you posted.

Enjoy the magazine :)
x x x

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  1. Thanks for this - I have saved it on the PC and will treat myself to a good read later when I have a spare moment.
    A small parcel is on its way to you

    keep us posted about Brownie mix!!

    blessings xx


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