Saturday, 13 February 2016

We're back!

Deary me! Flu is not something to be trifled with. It's been two weeks since it hit and only now are we feeling  resonably well. There's still a little bit of it lingering on, but we are getting back to routine with a family update.
Hubby has booked the full half term off work, he only has to pop in occasionally if they need to borrow his keys. We're looking forward to lots of family time.
Me, I'm still feeling a bit tired and slugish from the flu but otherwise intact. Looking forward to get us back to routine.

DD1 - is the healthiest of us all! She is most looking forward to our trip to the zoo, and has started a half term diary to record all our adventures.

DD2 - Ended up on three lots of antibiotics. Two for eye infections and one for an ear infection. She is also a little more tired than normal but her giggly self is back. She is most looking forward to a swimming trip, and also has a diary like DD1 for recording adventures in.

Little G - Ended up with a chest infection from his battle with the flu and very sticky eyes. He is also back to his happy self and eating everything in sight to make up for lost time. He can't tell us but I strongly suspect he'd be most excited about our planned pub meal. 

So that's us. We're back with you. 
I will catch up with The Big Give shortly.

X x x


  1. Hi Sarah..flu is a nasty thing..bless your little ones glad your all on the road to recovery.

  2. Glad to see you back, we were all getting worried :-)

  3. Oh Sarah I have missed you. You poor things! I am so happy you are all well and the little ones have recovered. Thank you so much for my beautiful gifts you posted on the big give away. Thanks so so much xxx

  4. I hope the comment published !!!

  5. Glad to see you back and that you are all, more or less, healthy - or one the way there. Lovely family time coming up!

  6. Goodness me Sarah, you have had a rough time, I'm pleased to hear you are all well on the way to a full recovery. Take care xx

  7. Good to see you all getting better. Enjoy your half term adventures


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