Tuesday 26 March 2013

Washing day

 I am battling a huge pile of washing today. I am very very guilty of letting it build up until a small mountain has formed in the en suite. I know half the problem is that we all have far to many clothes in this household.
 My theory is that if I can get everyone in the house (eventually) on board with the 100 things ways of life than I will have less laundry to do. I also means that I will have to wash a load more regularly or we will run out of clean things to wear.
 DD is now at a stage where she can probably wear most things 2 days in a row like me if they are clean and tidy. OH likes to wear a fresh shirt everyday but will wears his jeans/trousers for 2-3 days. Baby D is changed pretty much constantly but she is only 7 months so I can forgive that. Babies are not clean creatures lol. The good thing about baby clothes though is you can always squeeze a few pieces into any wash that's put on thanks to their tiny size.

I've added my two vests (I'm a layers kinda girl), dressing gown and favorite top to my 100 things page. I've nearly listed my first 10% which is making me wonder just how well I am going to do at this! I'm dreading the decisions I will have to make over my knitting stash.

Take Care

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