Sunday, 31 August 2014

Let the Prepping begin (Free Pattern)

 The first of September is just around the corner and you can certainly feel the change in the seasons this week. It is time for the frugal and thrifty among us to turn their minds towards Christmas preps.
 I try to squirrel gifts away over the course of the year but some things like baking, decorations and planning can't be started until the last quarter of the year .

 I'm starting a day early this year with something fun. Knitting little stockings for bunting.  My mum was given the pattern on a recent crafting holiday with her quilting buddies.
 It's just perfect for knitting up here and there in a spare five minutes, and use up such a tiny amount of wool. I've chosen to use red and green but wouldn't they look adorable in pastels?

 Click on the picture to enlarge, and knit away. If you use this pattern I would love to see the results! Pop me a link in the comments section so I can peep at your creations.

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  1. That's a cute little pattern! You could make them individually and hang them on the tree [perhaps with a sweet inside] I love the autumn poem at the beginning of the post xx

  2. Hello! For those of your readers who would like to win a book to give as a Christmas present, or to keep themselves, I'm hosting a Giveaway at my blog (
    I'm not a very good knitter, so my gifts definitely WON'T be knitted, although those little stiockings are cute


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