Tuesday 26 August 2014

Frugal cardboard fun

We've just restocked the cuboards for September using the wonderful Approved foods *.
Its perfect for stocking up for lunchboxes and little naughty treats. I recommend their baking section!

One of the perks of ordering online,  other than not having to go out in the rain, is the delivery boxes. Both of the girls love playing with them for hours. 
So today after several rounds of DD-in-the-box we decided to make a house.

I say we, what actually happened is OH  found his inner architect.
Thirty minutes of cutting and tape created the deluxe cardboard cottage you see above.
A rather fine piece of work I think your agree.
Tomorrow we start decorating.  

X x x

* please note that this link is an affiliate link. Should you place an order using it I will be rewarded with credit towards my next order. 

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