Monday 11 February 2013

I'm back again

 Finally a blog post from me!!! Are y'all excited?
 Poor DD has had her first tummy bug from Pre-school so its been three days of yuck here at FHMH. She is recovering well and today has kept something other than water down finally so that's all good.
 Baby D is getting a major wriggle on and happily rolling around on the floor. She is baby who hates to stay still so we picked up a walker in a charity shop last week for a few pounds. DD loves to push her around the shop floor and show DD the sights, while OH and I can get on with some shop chores knowing they are happy and safe. It's been a lifesaver.
 OH has toothache on top of everything else poor thing, and the antibiotics are making him poorly to, so he needs lots of peace and rest. Not so easy when you have a very grumpy poorly toddler and a bored grumpy infant. I've somehow managed to juggle it though.
  x x x

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